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The documentation website is powered by Docusaurus and served from Github Pages.

Adding or Updating Documentation

  1. Create a new branch off main (e.g,. feature/my-doc-update)
  2. From the root of the project, run npm run dev:docs to start a local server
  3. Add or edit markdown files in the docs/ directory
  4. Commit your changes and push to Github
  5. Open a Pull Request and mark it as ready for review

Local Development

NPM Scripts

You can run the following commands from the root of the project:

npm run dev:docsStart a local dev server
npm run lint:docs Format and lint markdown files
npm run build:docsRun a build locally
npm run serve:docs Serve a statically generated version of the docs locally
npm run publish:docsPublish the docs to Github Pages (used by Github Actions)

Github Actions

This repo uses a Github Action which automatically publishes changes to Github Pages.

Key Pair

The Github Action requires a key pair to be set up.

ssh-keygen -t ed25519 -C ""

Copy the public key and add it to Github Repo --> Settings --> Deploy Keys. The Private Key will be added as an ENV variable (see below).

ENV Variables

The following ENV variables are required by npm run publish:docs command. They must be added to Github Repo --> Settings --> Secrets --> Actions

ENV VariableDefinition
GH_PAGES_PRIVATE_KEYPrivate key used to deploy to Github Pages
GIT_USER_EMAILEmail address used to commit to Github.
GIT_USER_NAMEName used to commit to Github