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Frontend Setup

The following steps will stand up a local install of Next.js.


Before you get started, make sure you have the following dependencies installed on your computer:

If you run into issues with NPM installing, try using npm i --legacy-peer-deps instead.


Step 1: Clone the frontend framework with create-next-app

npx create-next-app -e --use-npm nextjs-wordpress-starter

Step 2: Change directories

cd nextjs-wordpress-starter

Setup ENV Variables

ENV variables are like constants in wp-config.php. They're required in order for things like authentication with WordPress and other 3rd party services.

Step 1: Copy the sample ENV file:

cp .env.sample .env

Step 2: Open the .env file in your code editor

Step 3: Add your credentials and save the file

Learn more about configuring in the ENV Var documentation.

Start the Development Server

You can kick-off a development server by running:

npm run dev


It'll take a few seconds to compile, and then you can view the frontend at http://localhost:3000 You did it! 👏🏻