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The Next.js WordPress Starter

Build headless websites with this starter from WebDevStudios

Focus on the Frontend

Why not focus on building amazing React-based frontends? We've done the heavy lifting that comes with Headless WordPress, including support for Gutenberg.

Next.js and WordPress

There's a reason WordPress dominates the CMS landscape. Let your clients continue to publish with the CMS they love, while you get the amazing developer expierence that comes with Next.js.

Battle Tested

We use this in production! All the experience we gain from each headless project we do? Is brought right back here. It's our way of giving back to the open-source community.

How does headless WordPress work?

how it all works

WordPress talks to Next.js via WP GraphQL

WordPress Themes and Plugins

Help turn WordPress into a Headless CMS.

WDS Headless Theme

Supports the JAMStack-powered frontend app.

View on GitHub

WDS Headless Core

A WordPress plugin which turns WordPress into a Headless CMS.

View on GitHub


Helpful addons that extend WDS Headless Core

Gravity Forms

View on GitHub

WordPress SEO

View on GitHub

Next Steps

Ready to start building headless WordPress websites?